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5 Tips to get ready for your first 5K

Anybody who tells you that running is 'AWESOME' is a psychopath. The end. We are talking about running here!! People run from fires and dangerous situations. It's not an leisure activity like going to the movies or bowling or going to a good concert. That shit HURTS!

Now, clearly I'm not a runner. Never been. A long list of recurring injuries add to the reasons why I never liked running. But last year while writing down my yearly goals, I decided that before my 40th birthday I would try to run a half marathon and scratch it off my bucket list. After all, I own a gym so how can I tell people to run if I get winded walking my dog around the block, ya know? So I did some research and put together a plan to start running. A year later I can say that, although is still not my favorite thing to do, I kinda of enjoy a good run.

If you're new into running or just looking to get started, here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Buy you some gear.

The "new" fades out quickly. You'll see yourself thinking of reasons NOT to go for your run. But nothing motivates more than breaking a brand new gadget and trying it out. Start easy: Buy some new tennis shoes and maybe some new earbuds, then work your way up to the expensive gear if you get into it. It's totally worth it and it will help you stay motivated.

2. Make a Plan.

Running 'a few miles' here and there won't help you make any progress. You'll have a better chance to stay with it if you have a schedule. Print out a calendar, put it up where you HAVE to see it all the time, and follow it. Start running a few miles a week and work your way up from there. If you know where you're going, it's easier to stay on track.

3. Find a Group.

This is the BEST advice anyone has ever given me. Running all by yourself will eventually get boring and wear you out. Find a running group in your area and send them a message. They're usually pretty welcoming and super hyper about new people. A group will help you stay motivated and engaged. Not to mention hanging out with some nice folks will give you something to look forward to every day.

4. Schedule a race.

A 5K is a good start. Find a local race and scheduled it. Like, literally pay and sign up! That way you won't have an excuse to back out. You might not have a competitive spirit but participating in local races and community events will give you a thrill like no other, not only because you're accomplishing your run, but also because supporting your community just feels good.

5. Do NOT Give Up.

Be prepared to deal with set backs. Injuries like sheen splints, heel issues, knee pain, muscles spasms are common. Also you're going to be sore AF that first week or so. It happens. To all of us. Get your mind right because it's OK to be down and having to rest, just make sure you don't stay there. Don't let a set back define you and push you away from accomplishing your goal. Rest, recover, and get back in it. Do NOT give up!

Our INFIT Running Group gets together on Wednesday mornings to put in a few miles. Perfect for beginners. Let me know if you'd like to come try it out.

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