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5 Tricks to "Getting Back on Track"

Getting back on track, whether is exercising or eating healthy can be tricky after the holidays or some time off. But if you're looking to starting back, the key is getting your head in the game first. Here are 5 tips to help you adjust your mindset to make it easier to start making those positive changes in your lifestyle:

  1. THINK ABOUT SMALL CHANGES Consider your current situation as a form of "baseline". A starting point where you will build from with small changes to your lifestyle. Start by making small, achievable goals like walking around the block a few times per week, or adding more water with some fruits and vegetables to your diet. Then build up from there. Small, simple changes will be easier for your body to assimilate and for your mind to stay on track.

  2. BE SPECIFIC Set detailed goals, with time frames and specific details. This will help keep you accountable and on track. Rather than saying "I'm going to workout more this year', try setting a goal of making it to the gym 3 times this week. And then stick to that goal. That way, when you achieve it, you'll feel great and will be more likely to keep it going.

  3. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS By following the two previous steps, tracking your progress will be much easier. Start a log: Take initial measurements, starting weight, and number of workouts per week. Then add details to your tracking as you progress. That way you'll see the small changes in your body and in your diet, and help you staying motivated.

  4. BE OK WITH SETBACKS Not everyone goes 100% all the time, and neither will you. It is all part of the process. Getting back on track can be tricky and intimidating, especially when you see yourself stumbling a bit. So planning for the occasional "slip up" is vital to the journey. Didn't make it to the gym every day? It's ok, go back tomorrow. Had a few drinks or a cheeseburger last night? No problem, let's get back to the plan. Recognize that PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION, is the real goal.

  5. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED It is easy to forget why we started this journey. Whether is to lose weight, or get in better shape, or improving your health, remembering the "why" is the absolute key for long lasting changes. This is about YOU. About your health, and about living a happier, more positive life. When you keep yourself in mind, you will always be more likely to succeed.

If you have questions or need help getting back on track, come by the gym or reach out to me and I will help pointing you in the right direction. It is always easier when you have a coach pushing you to be your best self.

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