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Hi! My name is Krisi. I have lived in Calhoun my entire life, same land for 40 years this June. I have 3 kids; Trent is 22 (didn't come from my womb but he was my first child), Courtney is 19, and Morgan 15. I also have 2, beautiful grandkids; Maria will be 3 a week before I turn 40 & Jackson is 4 months old. Courtney is participating in the challenge with me so she can be the best mom she can be for Jackson. I participated in the challenge before last, it started around August of 2017, and I lost nearly 40 lbs. Cesar is not lying when he says it is 80% nutrition, giving up my daily Wendy's frosty contributed to a lot of my weight loss. Unfortunately, I picked my frosty addiction back up but I said goodbye to my Wendy's lady Friday, after school. She was sad but I think we will both live. I teach Special Education Inclusion English classes at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School in Monroe, I love my kids! I am also enrolled at ULM, pursuing my doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, I have 3 classes this semester that I start Monday, 3 classes this summer, and (I believe) 13 hours of dissertation before there will be 2 Dr.'s at Infit. 😁 That first challenge put me at my goal weight of 175 (after riding just at 300 lbs. for nearly 10 years) and I have watched the scale slowly creep back up to nearly 200 since Easter, totally my fault, I own it. I said I would never get up here again, I weighed in at 198 today, 32% body fat, which my scale labels as obese, I had been normal for the longest. My goal is to get back to 175 and back to a normal body fat percentage. I'm ready to do this and help my friends, new and old, meet their goals too. Let's Do It!


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