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Our 2022 The Comeback (6-Week Challenge) starts Saturday, January 8th and ends on February 19th.

You can participate in person at the gym, or virtually at a place and time that's convenient for you!  

This challenge is perfect for both, beginners and seasoned athletes. We will begin with simple but effective workouts, and gradually increase the intensity to maximize results.  

We will also customize your nutrition plan so you can see the RESULTS YOU WANT at the end of the challenge.


Unlimited Classes

In-Person or Virtual Access

Bi-Weekly Meal Plan

Weight Loss Management Program 

Accountability System

Nutritional Coaching 

24/7 Trainer Support


Nutrition counts for 80% of the success. We will start with easy modifications to your daily routine, and then evaluate every week based on your individual progress, modifying as necessary. 


All of this, combined with our accountability system and weight loss management program will put your metabolism into overdrive and give you the BEST results!

all access for 6 weeks
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